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Welcome to The Space Turtle

Hello! Are you enjoying the view? I am. The stars are so much brighter in space. It is quiet too, here on the back of this turtle. It isn’t a massive turtle that carries round, flat worlds, but a much smaller turtle with about enough size for a small party of close friends. You don’t need to keep holding your breath, there is air here. This turtle’s shell holds a lot more than just a turtle. He’s got an environmental system, a field generator to hold in the good gasses we breathe, and don’t forget the refrigerator. This site is soon to be home of fantastic tales of wonder and amazement. Not yet, but soon. So, instead of checking back here eagerly every day to see if there is anything new, just sign up for the RSS feed. It wont take but a moment, and it wont bug you unless there is something interesting! I’ll post one story, something to give you an idea what you might read here in the future. I hope to see you again!

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