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The Snowggoth – An Icy Winter Monster, And It’s Right Next To Me!

To decorate Turtle Beach for winter I ventured out to make my first real Second Life building project. I wanted to make an icy, snowy creature rising from the sea and climbing onto the beach. While it looks nothing like I originally intended, I am really happy with the result. This is what I created, the Snowggoth!: Snowggoth The tentacles are sculpted tree limbs Trill gave me. I resized them and they stopped looking so much like tree limbs. Everything else I made from scratch. The body is spheres. I just fiddled with the settings and learned about what kinds of things I could do. Then I put a bunch together and moved them around. The eyes were easy to make, a sphere inside a hollow sphere slit open. Those are my favorite part. I made three versions of them and scattered them about. The maw was the hardest part to get to look right. I tried all kinds of things and ended up with two round plates, see through with a black water sprite with a motion script in them. I have them going in different directions to give the illusion of depth. I think it works pretty good. I’m pretty happy with it overall, and really a whole lot better then I thought I’d end up with. Next year I should know sculpting a lot better so I can make it even better.

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