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The Day I Met Kris Straub

I saw a tweet this morning from @krisstraub that he was going to be in Portland at Floating World Comics. I looked up at where it was and found out I could actually make it! Normally I find out about events too late or ever after they have happened, but this time I managed to make it there. Twitter FTW! I went with my wife and daughter. I’d called in advance so I know were to park and had some coins for the parking meter. I paid for about an hour and we walked passed a block party event to get to the store. When we got to the comic store, I asked the guy at the counter about it, and he had no idea what I was talking about. He made a phone call and learned that Kris was outside at a booth at the block part we’d passed. Another guy in the store was apparently there to see him too, or at least was interested when I asked, and he went to meet him too. Kris Straub I had on my Cthulhu/Deep One Calvin/Hobbes shirt and I took a mini book that I got when I ordered that shirt from Kris’ store. I got Chainsawsuit 2 and he signed both. CS2 insideCSminibook signed He also recognized me name and asked what my Twitter name was, and when I told him, he mentioned the tweet I had twote about the fact I might actually make it to the signing. It’s nice when people pay attention to their fans. It was hot out and we got a pic with matching sweat stains on our shirts. Unfortunately I covered most of mine up with the books, but you can still see it a little. Kris Straub And I If you haven’t, you should read Straub’s Starslip Crisis, a space comedy about a ship that is also an art museum, or later in the series they are transferred to a ship with a job more like the USS Enterprise with the goal of discovery and other missions. It is quite hilarious and a great mix of character and plot driven comedy. He also writes and draws Chainsawsuit, a strip of oddball jokes and pop culture reference/parody/poking-fun-at. CS2cover

Back to JL Script

It’s Labour Day. I stayed up late last night trying plugins on the site and came across the one I already mentioned. Slept a good 8 hours though, and have gotten some work done on the script for Jump Leads. It’s been slow going, but I’m going to get it finished someday. I like the way it is going.

Jumping on Jump Leads

Picked up my Jump Leads script again. Got another page or two of progress. I’m still not sure how many words and whatnot translate to a single comic page. Started another story, just a few hundred words. It’d end up as a serial set of stories. I’m really excited about it, more than some other ideas I’ve had. Wont say much, because the more I say, the less excited I get as I leak the ideas. Done pretty good on my 100 word a day minimum. On Sunday I totally forgot, and Monday I pushed myself a bit much on the treadmill, and along with low sleep (see: 1 year old child), I fell asleep deciding if I should get out of bed and write 100 words. Wrote 198 today and few days ago it was over 200. The hope is that as I write some every day, I’ll be able to write more and more, possibly faster. I have so many stories, many sitting as nearly done. I feel I have an obligation to get Jump Leads done as soon as I can, though, so I am focusing on that.