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The Day I Met Kris Straub

I saw a tweet this morning from @krisstraub that he was going to be in Portland at Floating World Comics. I looked up at where it was and found out I could actually make it! Normally I find out about events too late or ever after they have happened, but this time I managed to make it there. Twitter FTW! I went with my wife and daughter. I’d called in advance so I know were to park and had some coins for the parking meter. I paid for about an hour and we walked passed a block party event to get to the store. When we got to the comic store, I asked the guy at the counter about it, and he had no idea what I was talking about. He made a phone call and learned that Kris was outside at a booth at the block part we’d passed. Another guy in the store was apparently there to see him too, or at least was interested when I asked, and he went to meet him too. Kris Straub I had on my Cthulhu/Deep One Calvin/Hobbes shirt and I took a mini book that I got when I ordered that shirt from Kris’ store. I got Chainsawsuit 2 and he signed both. CS2 insideCSminibook signed He also recognized me name and asked what my Twitter name was, and when I told him, he mentioned the tweet I had twote about the fact I might actually make it to the signing. It’s nice when people pay attention to their fans. It was hot out and we got a pic with matching sweat stains on our shirts. Unfortunately I covered most of mine up with the books, but you can still see it a little. Kris Straub And I If you haven’t, you should read Straub’s Starslip Crisis, a space comedy about a ship that is also an art museum, or later in the series they are transferred to a ship with a job more like the USS Enterprise with the goal of discovery and other missions. It is quite hilarious and a great mix of character and plot driven comedy. He also writes and draws Chainsawsuit, a strip of oddball jokes and pop culture reference/parody/poking-fun-at. CS2cover