My First Co-Op Vanduul Swarm (Gameplay video)

Vanduul   Finally got into a Co-Op Vanduul Swarm match with Tony and Geoff from Guard Frequency after a little fidgeting with the currently semi-functional queue system. Once we got it, it was quite a new experience from simple player. There’s a whole different feel playing with friends than just plodding around alone. One thing I found was flying slower I could hit things far better than when at max speed. The aiming mechanic needs adjusted still, but such is the way of things in alpha testing. I recorded the match and streamed via Twitch, which you can see below. Unfortunately, parts are choppy, which so far is unique to this recording. Previously I’ve not had that issue. My locally recorded copy had same issue, so it wasn’t a connection issue. Enjoy!    

Check out more Star Citizen news and opinion at  Guard Frequency.

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