Memory Remembered

The wizard Tatch was forgetting things. He knew that the books and papers were around somewhere, but his memory was fading and his azure spire held so many bookshelves and so many books, without remembering exactly where they were, he simply had little hope of finding them. He had known this day might come, the day when he would start forgetting things, but it came far sooner than was expected. Some wizards who knew many spells and had used a great deal of magic would begin to lose their memory. Some wizards had forgotten everything quickly, but some were able to keep going for a long time, but slowly their mind would vanish, bit by bit. Tatch had begun researching a spell that would prevent this memory loss, or possibly even reverse it. The problem was, he had already begun to lose his memory before he began researching. In the process of trying to discover what was needed for the spell, Tatch had discovered some other helpful spells, such as a spell that increased learning ability, a charm for school desks that helped focus students attentions, and a enchantment for books that would cause any book enchanted with the spell to speak the words on its pages to anyone who wanted to hear. This was a big hit for drivers who went on long caravan travels, merchants with long routes, and workers with less mind intensive jobs. All could listen to the words in the books while still being able to work on other tasks. These were all great spells that helped the world, but they did not help anyone who was losing their memory. Tatch found some of his research papers, sat down to work on them, and found himself staring at them wondering what he was trying to do. He realized that he had forgotten again, knew it was incredibly important, and clamped his hands down on his wizard’s hat in distress and began to cry. Quirl, Tatch’s familiar saw this and resolved to do something about it. Quirl was a brightly colored bird who had once been injured and on the brink of death, but Tatch had took him in and healed him and imbued magical abilities upon him, including speech and morphed talons that allowed him to carry a larger range of objects that normal. Quirl was very sad to see Tatch in such distress and flew out if the azure spire and rose in the winds above the city. Tatch’s tower rose high into the skies above the city of Melange. Melange used to be a frontier town with very little to offer anyone except for a bit of lodging and rest on the way between larger cities. It had been settled by the survivors of the rampage of Ghast the Black Dragon. Ghast had destroyed three large cities that were near each other and the few survivors banded together to form a new town, Melange. They had nothing to almost nothing to their names, but they survived. Tatch had arrived one day in Melange, set up a small tent, and proceeded to perform little tasks around the town for free. He helped crops grow better, weather stay a bit nicer, and even gave the food in the inns an extra special zing that travellers began to notice. Soon the town began to get more business and grow. After just a few years, the town was a city, a hub among all the large cities, and a true home for Tatch. The spire was a tower of life to the city. Tatch had done so much for Melange and its citizens, and continued to do so to this day, and had never asked for anything in return. Quirl knew it was time for them to give back, and he knew that asking was almost more effort than was required to make it happen. Quirl flew through the town, stopping to talk to citizens of Melange at many shops, inns, and residences. He spoke mainly to people who had been in Melange from its beginning. He told them of Tatch’s plight. He was losing his memory, but he was trying to discover what was needed for a spell that would heal his memory and the memory of others who were forgetting. The citizens listened, held meetings, and decided what they needed to do. Everyone who was able went into Tatch’s spire. They began to recount tales of their memories of Tatch any time he was not able to remember something he needed to for his research. The sparking of old memories rejuvenated his mind for short periods and allowed him to continue his efforts. Tatch had never been a very organized wizard, so many helped put notes and books and papers into an organized system which helped Tatch find things easier. Others helped with small experiments, made food for Tatch and everyone else helping, and before too long, Tatch had a breakthrough. After researching tediously over many months, Tatch discovered what was needed for the spell. He had found the right ingredients, special words, and complex gestures required to rework the mind so it would stop forgetting, and even remember what had been forgotten. It took him a long time to cast in on himself, and he needed much help to get through it for his mind was in and out of usefulness quite more often than before, but after several false starts and failed attempts, he cast it successfully. His memories flooded back to him, and stayed. The city of Melange thrived on. Tatch shared the spell with the world and many older wizards were able to regain their memories. Even the elderly of non-wizardly nature were healed of similar plights. The research of the spell led to many other discoveries that led to spells that healed many with diseases of the mind, dementia, schizophrenia, and psychosis. The world never forgot about it, either.

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