Legacy of Romulus – Times of Trouble and Decision

screenshot_2013-06-10-18-25-23   Went to the Khitomer Talks in an effort to help the Romulan Republic claim Dewa III as a new homeworld. I got new eye gear, but I decided after getting some odd looks from the first Klingons I talked to that I should not wear them here. At least he seemed receptive to Romulans. Others I overheard also had some positive things to say, while others held outright disdain for us. At first I was a little upset, angry really, but then I realized that perhaps they had personal stories of Romulans causing them harm. I heard in their voices things I have said about the Tal Shiar. We just have to show that we and the Tal Shiar are not the same. screenshot_2013-06-12-19-25-36   Speaking of the Tal Shiar, there were some of Empress Sela’s forces at the talks. Diplomacy prevented me from giving them more than a dirty look. They had some choice words to reply to me with, and I resisted speaking too much of my mind. I didn’t want to start a fight. At least, I decided it wasn’t the right place for it, even if I wanted to turn each of them into feed for a Belgravian Snoot Pig. screenshot_2013-06-12-19-29-26   The Klingon ambassadors were not the most receptive, but at least they seemed to like me personally after some banter. screenshot_2013-06-12-19-31-01   Some of the Starfleet members were receptive to us, hopeful that peace could happen. Others were rather talkative. Many words and not a lot of useful things to say, that I can recall. Another of them,¬†Admiral T’Nae, held no goodwill towards the Romulans. Perhaps she too was wounded too by the Tal Shiar. I attempted to find out as much, but she would have none of it. After an appearance from Empress Sela, of which there is little to say, it was the expected drivel she spoke, Tovan and I took back to Space to investigate some odd readings. Turn out these Elachi were hiding Romulan ships, Including Hakeev. We ran him off but not before he put a plot of his into play. screenshot_2013-06-12-19-39-47   Hakeev beamed down bombs to the conference. I was able to disable all but one of them. Temer stopped that one. I found out later from Ja’Rod of the Kang, who assisted us against Hakeev, that one ship had managed to remain hidden and beam a bomb down later than the rest. Perhaps had we warned someone instead of taking care of it quietly, it could have been prevented. For unlike the other bombs, that one was not disarmed. However, it’s intended target, Wolden, was saved by Temer, who used his personal shield to contain the blast. This left quiet an impression on the people at the conference. Self-Sacrifice isn’t known to be a Romulan way to be deceptive. I still heard some suggest it was a trick, but even they didn’t sound too sure. I’m sorry to see him go, even though I didn’t know him well yet. After returning to the flotilla, I talked with representatives of both the Federation and the Klingon Defense Force. I had to take some time to decide who I would put my allegiance to assist them so they would in turn provide support. I have no desire to get mixed up in the war between the Klingons and the Federation, but that is we risk I have to take. On one hand, the Federation would provide good technology and resources for me to create farms and food. The Klingons offer a direct approach of battle against the Tal Shiar. I suspect the Federation might get in the way of that. Yes, I want peace, but by the way of the gun. The Tal Shiar must be destroyed. I will aid the Klingons and accept their help. Perhaps once the Tal Shiar are gone, we can negotiate with the Federation for the things we need for agriculture, but I fear progress in that direction will be destroyed if first we do not stamp out the Tal Shiar. And perhaps some day we can be independent from both sides and hold our own in the galaxy.

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