Legacy of Romulus – New Threads

new outfit I got a new uniform today. The one I had on before had stains on it, the blood of friends, and of enemies. My old clothes are a part of my past now. Once again I can’t just have a peaceful life like I had wanted. I have to fight for freedom and to just survive. Fight to protect. We must all fight until all those who would destroy are either themselves destroyed or perhaps some may decide to change their ways. dtan I talked with D’Tan. His vision is that of peace, reunification. But not peace without war. Recent events have made it clear that our enemies cannot easily be turn to reason. They want to take and take, not create and share. However D’tan desires that we find a new home, somewhere we can defend and live and grow. I will be taking a part in this. Hey There Reman Met a new friend on the flotilla. Good to see a face similar to me. Something a little more like the home I once knew.

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