Legacy of Romulus – Mindful

screenshot_2013-06-22-09-03-11 My last mission gave me a whole lot to think about. I decided to spend some time in the ships garden, working on some plants I’ve been raising, samples from Mol’Rihan. The goal is to find the best nutrients to help them grow faster to grow them in crops. While I scanned the plants and collected data, I considered the events after beaming up from Chalok.¬†(No pictures, one of the Hirogen damaged the camera, and the data was lost. Viril fixed it for me, thankfully.) Charva, someone I knew from my enslavement, and once strong friend of Tovan, appeared in her ship to speak to us, wearing the banner of the Tal Shiar. The tension on the bridge was think as jungle vines. But she gave me pause, and something to investigate. I’m unsure what I will find. After she left, Tovan also gave me pause when he mentioned, perhaps with specific intentions, that some people use D’Tan’s Republic as a means to exact revenge against the Tal Shiar, for personal reasons. Yes, we fight as we must, D’Tan won’t deny that, but is it possible that I am using the Republic to my own ends, to pour out my anger against the Tal Shiar? Or am I only doing what I must? Perhaps my actions will be the judge. Such as leaving Lortrix to die. I am a killer, there is no question, but do I go too far? But Lortrix also have me something to think about.   screenshot_2013-06-22-09-05-31   Something strange happened to me while fighting Lortrix, he performed a psychic attack on me. Something many Remans can do. It was not something I was able to do before, but as his mind attacked mine, something changed in me. My own mind reacted, blasting out in retaliation. The doctor aboard the¬†Gemaen Nnharai (Mind Flayer in your language) performed some tests and confirmed that some of my memory engrams had been altered recently, as if something had been undone. Also other areas that were dormant activated at the same time. We suspect that when I was enslaved, just as my name was taken from me, perhaps they also locked off this portion of the mind, and now it has been reactivated. This day has given me many things to think on, and new ways for my mind to engage the world around me.

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