Legacy of Romulus – Keeping up with the Cardassians

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because when fighting the Cardassians, the Gemaen Nnharai (Mind Flayer in your language) took some damage to the computer systems and my normal systems I use were offline. On orders from Subcommander Nadel, we traveled to the Klingon and Federation Neutral Zone. Romulan Republic ships had gone missing, and we set out to discover why. What we found was no surprise to us. Empress Sela has stirred up the True Way into doing her own dirty work for her. She’s convinced them we are a threat to them. This is true in a sense, because they attacked us, and we destroyed them. Foolish, anyone who believes the Tal Shiar’s lies. Perhaps then we too are fools. Charva contacted us with information about Rinna, saying she would be transferred by the Tal Shiar to a penal colony. However, when we got there, all we found were some true way ships guarding a convoy of freighters. We fought our way past the escorts and disabled the freighters and beamed aboard to find Rinna, if she was indeed aboard one of them. screenshot_2013-07-31-19-52-21 On the first freighter, we found only supplies, no prisoners of any kind. There was some resistance, but nothing that we couldn’t handle. We set the ship to self destruct to cover our tracks.  It already felt wrong, and the lack of evidence of prisoners was disheartening, but we beamed aboard the next freighter. Once again there, no prisoners. Just more people trying to kill us. screenshot_2013-07-31-20-05-28 We had to destabilize the warp manually since the controls would not respond. Despite being sure we would find no trace of Rinna, we transported to the last ship. This freighter contained hundreds of weapons, and no sister of Tovan. This is the last time we the Tal Shiar’s lies direct our path. Either Charva is playing games with our lives, or the information she received is falsified, which means that someone is likely monitoring her, and they know she had been in contact with us. If she is indeed still worth saving, if she can be shown that the Tal Shiar is not the best hope for the Romulan people but that they are all only shadows and lies, then she is likely in danger from whoever is feeding her false information. If she is just playing games, then the best I can hope for is that I wont have to destroy her myself. Thankfully, our stay on the last freighter was short. I was able to shunt an exhaust duct into the ventilation shafts to obscure us and make our way quietly past our enemies. screenshot_2013-07-31-20-17-09 Death walked past them in the mists, and they did not know. Once we had gathered all the information we could, it was a violent turnabout when the ship was set to destroy itself with us still on it. Thankfully our quick pace gave us enough time to transport off. I can’t say the same for those we managed to leave alive. I never intended to fight those other than the Tal Shiar, but enemies of the Romulan Republic are enemies of me, but I will no longer be played as a puppet, doing the bidding of the Tal Shiar under the guise of information given to us to help us. I will soon confront Charva with what we found, and she will have to come to terms with reality.  Disclaimer: I received compensation to post the above link to Grammerly. 

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