Legacy of Romulus – Hostile Takeover

Sorry my that of late my story has been silent, but I was not in a position send communications, for I as assumed to be dead. I was not, however. The Republic had a lead on getting my undercover. They have been recruiting members of the Republic. No Tal Shiar in their right mind would allow me in their ranks as they all want me as dead as I want them. However, they did have their eye on a Republic Reman, Nohtho Thrai, who was getting disenchanted with D’Tan’s ways. Someone on his ship sent word. That informant hasn’t been heard from since. We took a damaged shuttle out to where Nohtho was suspected to be, near a planet. Between the shuttle and planet was a cloaked ship. screenshot_2013-10-06-18-07-36 I put out a distress call when Nohtho’s ship was in range, and they came, and beamed be aboard. Feigning injury, I was sent to sick bay and spoke with Nohtho there. Meanwhile his crew was salvaging what they could from the freighter. I was able to determine through conversation that Nohtho was indeed intending in joining the Tal Shiar. screenshot_2013-10-06-15-01-09 That’s when I triggered a signal to the cloaked ship, which was a Republic science ship. Using it’s finely tuned scanners and transporter systems, it beamed Nohtho and myself from his ship down to the planet, the science ship bridging the distance between the two. There I slayed him without a moments hesitation. I focused all of my mental energies and tore his mind apart in his confusion, then broke his neck. screenshot_2013-10-06-15-16-23 A group of KDF ships arrived on cue and “captured” Nohtho’s ship, which would now be my ship. Later, I would “escape” from the Klingon’s and keep the identity of Nohtho, and act as him to go undercover.

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