Legacy of Romulus – Gasko


Went to Gasko Station to look for Romulans interested in joining together with the Romulan Republic. I met Tobol who said he would be our guide. His visor made me wonder what eye augmentation I could find. Nothing to replace my own eyes, as is probably the case with him, but some sort of optics I could wear would be great.


No one on the station seemed interested in anything other than laying low and taking no action. It’s like they think they can stay put and everything will just turn out fine. Perhaps if peaceful colonies weren’t being wiped off the face of planets, that could be true.


A pleasant surprise was the horticulture lab! I spend some time discussing farming and plant experimentation with the scientists there. They gave me a few tips I can take back to the flotilla Growing plants on a station and a ship are similar. They even gave me some seeds for some rare plants used in dishes that are harder to make now that the planets they are from are destroyed. I’m glad they saved them, and that I garnered enough respect to be given some. It’s something, even if not manpower itself.


On the way to see the station commander I met one Lhaes whose brother was imprisoned for causing trouble. I’d heard people talking around the station about it. Seems strange. Tobol said the accusations made against Lhaes’ brother were false, impossible, but both men in question were in holding. I don’t know if there’s anything I can, or should, do to help.


Hakeev! He has control of the station. They tried to get the jump on us, but I am not to be trifled with. They went down like the gutter rats they are.


In the chaos, I killed the station commander. He was unarmed, but I turned and fired out of instinct, expecting hidden danger. Maybe there was, or perhaps not. I can rest though, knowing he isn’t alive to seek vengeance against me.


We found Lhaes’ brother. There was no other prisoner in custody, evidence he is innocent. I see no reason not to trust him at this point.


Death. More destruction the tal shier will reap as they sow it upon themselves. We found Lhaes dead. I considered not posting these pictures of violence and death. They may be too graphic for some, but the fact is, we are fighting to survive, and aside from our strength and will, facts are a powerful weapon to use against the Tal Shiar. If only their words are spoken, they will sound right, but when another voice speaks up, people will take time to consider.


Once the truth of the station was revealed, and the refugees were rescued from danger of capture, they decided to join the cause of freedom. I only hope it doesn’t always take such drastic events to convince people to join … another reason I am putting these facts out there for all to see. _note_ I’m going to try and keep these posts to a narrative, chronological story style, for consistency.

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