Legacy of Romulus – Borgs and Brains

Secret identity secured, we flew Nohtho Thrai’s ship to the Unroth system and created a ruse in which I warned the Tal Shiar of an impending attack. It was all for show, but our deceptions proved successful and put us in the good graces of the Tal Shiar. This allowed be to beam over to the lead enemy vessel, where a KDF prisoner was being held. I took the liberty of exploring the security commander’s office and gather some information. There was some rather embarrassing information on his computer. Apparently he had been having an affair with someone and he had just discovered was a blood relative of his. His mistress had secretly been after some of his family wealth, and had been using him to get information. There’s more details, some quite disturbing, but considering I think he’s dead now, I’ll just leave it at that. screenshot_2013-09-14-13-53-18 Before he died, however, I did put him in his place when he found me in his office. Some people act tough, and many people are intimidated by them, but I overpowered him with pure presence. Having read some of his communications with his mistress, I knew how to crack his facade of strength. I spoke with power and dismissed his ideas, even good ones. and after a few moments he let me start giving orders. screenshot_2013-09-14-13-55-56 That’s how I got into talking to the prisoner. This too was just for show. Right under the noses of the Tal Shiar we passed information and acted out a harsh interrogation. screenshot_2013-09-14-14-01-53 When we thought they had seen enough, she “escaped” from her bonds and I used a modulated rifle to ‘kill her’. In actuality it fired a beam that caused her to be transported away. When the security commander started to protest about an empty interrogation room, I just said ‘she was vaporized’ and went on my way. screenshot_2013-09-14-13-58-04 Impressed with my handling of the battle and interrogation situations, I got to get into some really hot water. I have heard many stories of the Borg, and I had hoped never to meet one, but I ended up inside a disabled Borg cube, doing research for the Tal Shiar. I’ve haven’t felt as distressed as I did that day for a long time. It’s chilling to be in a quiet ship. The darkness was oppressing, and naturally I prefer the dark, but not this time. In the darkness the dead restlessly waited, denied the peace most dead should rest in. screenshot_2013-09-15-09-57-12 Despite all our efforts and all the arrogance of Commander N’vek, disaster struck and some of the salvage team were killed, and one was assimilated. I cut him down myself, but I don’t know what his last moments were, what his mind experienced. screenshot_2013-09-15-10-16-27 I can rest, however, in the fact he was Tal Shiar and not one of my own crew.

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