Legacy of Romulus – A New Home

Traveled to Dewa III, the first viable solution for a new homeworld for the Romulan Republic. Tried several other systems with either no results at all, or some pirates itching for a fight. They got one. Now they are itching to not be dead. Dewa III has some ambient radiation from an ancient orbital bombardment long before the Vulcan outcasts came and went from the system. Hopefully nothing happened to my viability while scanning an area of the radiation. One of the amphibious animals of the planet was a tentacled creature that appears to actually thrive on the radiation, as well and keeping the parasite levels lower while providing food for fish and the flora on the edges of the rivers. Perhaps they were always here, or perhaps they adapted to the environment over time. screenshot_2013-06-08-10-09-36 Took many water samples. Not a lot to say, at this point, as the samples are still being processed, but the ecology appears to be vibrant and alive. screenshot_2013-06-08-10-12-57 Now the plant life is very interesting. Many of the properties appear to indicate the ability to grow a lot of food for the colony we could place here. Already I have found things that I want to try to grow here in an organized way, as well as certain crops to grow. We’ll have to take care not to introduce anything that would imbalance the ecosystem. We should try to keep imported flora to a minimum and utilize what is already here as much as we can. I could do a lot of good here. Hopefully we can do so without too much trouble from outside forces. I’d love the chance to stay here a long time and cultivate farming and food supply for the colony. screenshot_2013-06-08-10-19-10   Some of the animals here are aggressive. However, we were able to lower out weapons settings to scare them away. No sense in killing them without cause. I don’t think the more aggressive animals are too abundant to cause too much of a problem, but fauna is not my area of expertise. screenshot_2013-06-08-10-20-33   Apparently these small creatures are prey to the larger animals we had cleared out, for they appeared soon as the larger animals left. They seem to be friendly. I imagine if tamable, that some people will enjoy having such animals around. They appear to not like electronic devices. As soon as I scanned them, they scuttled back into the underbrush. screenshot_2013-06-08-10-25-31   Found an ancient bridge. I pushed my video capture drone nearly past its limits to get this picture. It nearly fell into the chasm when it reached the edge of its transmitter/receiver range. Viril grabbed the pad from me and did something that got it back to me. Not sure what she did, but a low battery icon appeared on the pad, and considering that I’ve never even seen the icon before, I wonder if my pad is damaged. Not that I mind, since losing the drone would have been a great loss to me. Soon as we got the drone back, however, we noticed something had walked onto the bridge. A Tholian! screenshot_2013-06-08-10-26-33   The Tholians scared away the animals. Not sure what they are up to, but we mean to find out. It would be quite the trouble to find a hive of Tholians (Hoard? Cluster? What is a group of Tholians called?) on the planet. screenshot_2013-06-08-10-29-40   We found a group of them. Not sure what they are up to. They weren’t up for discussion, so we had to fight. The battle was tough, but surprise and superior tactics led us to victory. screenshot_2013-06-08-10-36-40   This is what the Tholians were after. I’m not ready to say what we suspect it to be. I’m not even sure if the Tholians even knew what it was. Perhaps it was merely an anomaly to them, but it is an item of great interest to us. I’m sure building a colony here is possible, and that it will be a challenge. But it well happen, by word and by gun, whatever needs to happen.

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