Jumping on Jump Leads

Picked up my Jump Leads script again. Got another page or two of progress. I’m still not sure how many words and whatnot translate to a single comic page. Started another story, just a few hundred words. It’d end up as a serial set of stories. I’m really excited about it, more than some other ideas I’ve had. Wont say much, because the more I say, the less excited I get as I leak the ideas. Done pretty good on my 100 word a day minimum. On Sunday I totally forgot, and Monday I pushed myself a bit much on the treadmill, and along with low sleep (see: 1 year old child), I fell asleep deciding if I should get out of bed and write 100 words. Wrote 198 today and few days ago it was over 200. The hope is that as I write some every day, I’ll be able to write more and more, possibly faster. I have so many stories, many sitting as nearly done. I feel I have an obligation to get Jump Leads done as soon as I can, though, so I am focusing on that.

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