Good Times at Rose City Comic Con

I was excited to go to the Rose City Comic Con this year! I had one main goal; to meet Ethan Nicolle and get my Axe Cop books signed. To start we got our badges and waited in line to enter. Amazingly, in a plain room with no cordons, the staff aligned everyone waiting in a snake pattern and when the doors opened, everyone continued in a nice, orderly fashion. It’s great when humanity works together. Once inside, we roamed the booths looking for the objective, and after a bit of searching, we found the table labeled Ethan Nicolle. But he wasn’t there yet. So we went and looked around some more. The most fun I had was looking at the cosplay artists. There was some really costumes! IMG_20130921_110409   Eventually we got back around and Ethan Nicolle was at his table. But while I waited for him to be free I met Keith Tucker, an artist for Pinky and the Brain, one of my favorite childhood cartoons. He was fun to talk to. IMG_20130921_104213 When Ethan was available I introduced myself, and said talked out the podcast he was on (Nobody’s Listening) back in the day. I got my books signed. IMG_20130921_104628 - Copy   I also for a limited edition sketch book and he asked what I wanted as a sketch. I thought about it for a bit and then asked for a Unisquid! IMG_20130921_141301   Achievement unlocked! It was fun to walk around and see the sights and merchandise, and the beautiful artwork. I got my books signed and a unique sketch. Much fun. I’ll be going next year.

Playing Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple on

Got a bug to figure out some good ways to play Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple on So I did. First, make a deck. Do this first because it is the most tedious part. Below are image files, one for a white stone, and another for a black stone. A third for a card back. Daniel Solis provided me the stones, I clipped the card back from the PDF version of the book and erased the words. You could use any other images you want, however. First, upload the desired files to your art library.  


Then create a deck.


Add the card back art from library, then, here’s the fun part, make 20 cards named White Stone and 20 named Black Stone. Drag the appropriate art from library to the cards. Don’t drag it from a folder for each, it will make new uploads to library each time and take forever. I tagged my images with Pilgrim so I could show all at once.

It says to make back and front art the same size, but since flipping the cards over isn’t anything you’ll need to do, I didn’t worry about it.

When a player needs stones, they draw 3 to the table by dragging the cards to the table. Once they decide which to keep, they place those in their hand, and the GM recalls and shuffles all the cards left on the table, replacing the stones and shuffling. The chosen stones stay in the players hands.

For the letter, I recommend making an image outside of Roll20 and importing that to the table. Put it in the background section.

For the word list, make an image with a transparent background with the words (typed or drawn works). You and the players can use the draw tool to cross them out as you use them. Alternately, you can include them on the letter itself.

For the story, make a handout which players can edit. Write the sentences for the story here.

Also, each player will need a token for their trouble icon. Put a token out for each player (they can choose an image). You can place them in the order of play, too. They the pilgrim is in trouble, you can tint it red, or use one of the many options for tokens to mark it so. Another option is to use cards which could be on the table or in the players hand, or just flipped over, etc.

I also clipped the guide for what each number of stones means from the PDF and put that in the maps/background layer for easy reference.

Having played a few rounds, I’m confidant this is an effective way to play Do on Roll20. We didn’t finish (took a while to start due to technical issues with microphones) but it saves the state of the game for us to pick up later.

Image Files in a .zip. Stone-Black1Stone-White1CardBack