A Scare

Updated the site today, and as you see, the theme is bombed. Have to make a new one and install it later. Bleh. I thought the whole site was borked at first. Site should be more secure now, though. On Saturday I started working on the comic script for an idea for Celtx script writing software. That makes it a breeze to write in the proper format. I got about two pages worth (comic pages) written. I’m liking it. I’m happy to be working on it. I have to rewrite three posts on my Traveller play-by-post game because the site got rolled back (not same as issue above) and it ate them. I hope to get into the swing or writing at least a 100 words daily as well as a 4 day a week treadmill workout (and possible podcast) along with the arm workouts I do at work. I use the treadmills here at the apartments. I got some advice from my friend Ted on how to make them effective. I might add a workout meter also under the writing goal meter. Now onto the writing group critiques. Gotta get them done tonight.