Space Station Escape – Game Design

Space Station Escape is a game about a mad scientist who has created terrible creatures with plans to unleash them to cleanse the planet below of humanity. A secret agent has infiltrated the station to rig it to explode. At the last moment as the Agent rights the station’s power core to overload, the mad scientist discovers the plot and ruptures the hull of the agent’s craft, but both the agent and the mad scientist are in a mad race to the lone escape pod, using gear and weapons they pick up on the way to get past obstacles such as monsters (gosh, somehow they got released in all the chaos!), fires, fallen bulkheads, locked doors, and security systems gone haywire. I have only played this once, with myself, but thought I’d post it, and see what people thought. Give it a play, and let me know if it works, or is broken. Then maybe I can fix it. I’ll play it more too. Additional info on the process after game instructions below. See the game posted on Unpub!

Legacy of Romulus – Borgs and Brains

Secret identity secured, we flew Nohtho Thrai’s ship to the Unroth system and created a ruse in which I warned the Tal Shiar of an impending attack. It was all for show, but our deceptions proved successful and put us in the good graces of the Tal Shiar. This allowed be to beam over to the lead enemy vessel, where a KDF prisoner was being held. I took the liberty of exploring the security commander’s office and gather some information. There was some rather embarrassing information on his computer. Apparently he had been having an affair with someone and he had just discovered was a blood relative of his. His mistress had secretly been after some of his family wealth, and had been using him to get information. There’s more details, some quite disturbing, but considering I think he’s dead now, I’ll just leave it at that. screenshot_2013-09-14-13-53-18 Before he died, however, I did put him in his place when he found me in his office. Some people act tough, and many people are intimidated by them, but I overpowered him with pure presence.

Legacy of Romulus – Devil in the Details

screenshot_2013-08-18-14-11-41   Charva gave us files that indicated D’Tan was treacherous and a true terrorist and enemy of the Romulan people. Also as I mentioned before she had given us files that lead us to believe that Tovan’s sister was being transferred to a penal colony, which prove to be false and a trap. I took the files to my computer and checked the facts. Things didn’t add up. I have a hard time believing Charva is purposely leading us astray. From when I knew her at the Palace of Lush, a name those who were prisoners there found distasteful and inaccurate, Charva did have idealistic tendencies, and would not wish us harm.