A Quick Review of Send In by Suspense Magazine

I submitted this story to Suspense Magazine for a review. The following is this review.
Send In by Justin Lowmaster: After reading this short, I’d be afraid to send in the clowns if Justin was around! This story was fun to read and poor Grimble the ‘three foot gnome, almost four if you counted his pointy, yellow hat’. I’m with Jeremy; diet soda’s the only way to go! Reviewed by Terri Ann Armstrong, author of “Morning Menace” for Suspense Magazine
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Enjoy Your Sci-fi and Fantasy How and Where You Want

Enjoy Your Sci-fi and Fantasy How and Where You Want Beginning July 4th, science fiction and fantasy fans will be given a new place where they can discover authors and stories they’ll be able to enjoy wherever they go.  Flagship, the new e-zine by publisher Flying Island Press, will soon be releasing these stories in formats for the Kindle, the iPad and iPhone, and other electronic readers. Flying Island Press also recognizes the increasing popularity of podcasts and other forms of audio fiction.  So, in addition to the e-zine, an audio version will be available to listen to on any MP3 player.  Stories they release will be available both in text and in audio, allowing the consumer to choose their preferred version. Zach Ricks, managing editor for Flagship, had this to say.  “I wanted to hearken back to what some have called the Golden Age of Science Fiction.”  It’s his hope that “FlagShip will be a place for optimistic, entertaining fiction.” Each issue will cost $1.99 for the text version or the audio version or get both for just $2.99. Issues will be available starting July 4th, 2010 at http://flyingislandpress.com/flagship

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