Steampunk Weekend 12-12-09 –

Do you listen to the sound of twittering birds? Want to know when they speak about steampunk things? I discovered a Twibes list of steampunk people. I also discovered Steampunk Tales, which has released their fourth issue. It is a short story anthology that you can buy as a DRM-free PDF (FTW!) or as an app for your iPhone/Touch, and other platforms. This ‘penny dreadful’ is very affordable, thanks to digital distribution. (Discovered via Writing Across Worlds) The Extraordinary Contraptions have a new album out. Read about it! Comics fans! How about a steampunk comic called Grandville: “A Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard Scientific-Romance Thriller.” In the Steam Theater this week is a trailer for The Clockwork Girl, along with an article that accompanies the video. A very excellent video, at that.

A Shrouded Country Road – Part 3

Marcus turned and fled. He dodged a torrent of pulse laser blasts. Dirt showered everywhere. A boulder exploded near him and red filled his vision. More zombies rose and Marcus slowed as they grasped at his. Guts flew around him as zombies were massacred by the hail of beams and rockets. An increasing number of explosions tossed him clear of the zombies. He headed towards a knee-high fence and tried to jump it several times unsuccessfully. A rocket hit him exploding him into giblets. Marcus shoved the keyboard away, shouting at the screen. “Stupid game! Let me jump the fence!”

A Shrouded Country Road – Part 2

Marcus fumbled with the passenger handle and fell out despite zombies grabbing at his legs. He ran into the fields. A flash of light lit the sky and a second later the night boomed. He thought it thunder, but a glance behind proved him wrong. Plumes of smoke rose from his smoldering car. Half of a bumper landed beside him as his speed slowed. A few zombies shambled to their feet near the wreckage. Traces of light punched through them and they fell into several bleeding chunks. Metal glinted in moonlight as a towering destroyer bot emerged from the mist.