Burst of creativity

I took my wife and daughter to the park today and they hung out with some friends. I then took my wife’s laptop to the library and wrote. I didn’t know what to write so I opened up my Moleskin and paged through it until I found an idea that seemed like something I’d like to write at the moment. I found one and in about an hour I pounded out 1198 words. I had no internet active, typed in wordpad, and just wrote. With little distraction aside from the faint smell of body odor when a dude sat near me and nothing to do but just write, I got a lot done. I didn’t finish the story, but I have a good idea where I’m going. I based it all on the single sentence I wrote down who knows how long ago. This would be an awesome thing to do more often. Wife gets to go out with friends, daughter gets to run around and get tired out, and I get to write a lot all at once. Of course with NaNoWriMo coming up, this can’t be done every day, so I’ll have to work in the normal home environment for the most part. It’s good to know that sometimes the words can just flow out though. Been a while since I managed that.

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    Well, she did sleep well that night but boy was I worn out from keeping her from impending dooms.

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    Becky L.


    Don’t you just love being married and a parent? I remember those days when my children were little. But they were enjoyable and you seem to be doing well. “)

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