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Legacy of Romulus – Aehallh’s Beginning

I wrote a backstory for my Star Trek Online, Legacy of of Romulus character. I will update this post if I adjust story. I also want to write from his viewpoint a post based on each mission he goes through in the game (the story ones). All feedback accepted. —– AehallhCur peered through the slit in the door at the combat ring. Gray blood from the last fight cooled in the garish colored lights shining from above the few hundred spectators seated and standing around the ring. The crowd thumped and roared as the adrenaline-soaked heartbeat of music pounder out into the arena. “Welcome to my Palace!” cooed a feminine voice over the music. “Show us what your toys can do!” The crowd clapped as Lady Hedon entered and sat alone in a sky box back lit with pink and blood-red lights that contrasted her sparkling blue skin. Cur punched his palm and cringed when the annoyingly full of himself announcer’s voice came out of the speakers. “Good evening gentlebeings! I hope you’re having a good time at the Palace of Lush. Our first Entertainer is the man from the Darkest Space, Th’look!” Another sky box lit up with dim greens and blues, revealing a masked figure with shadowy figures around him. The Entertainer Tips screen a little up bove the sky box lit up and started at zero, then counted up to 250. “He is providing for us today Daurt, a Nausicaan who is an up and coming fighter who has won a few fierce battles so far!” The number above Th’look went to 425 as Daurt stepped from a shadowy doorway into the combat ring, raising his spiked fists and growling. “You are in for a treat today, for our other entertainer is none other than Edak!” Another sky box lit up with strobing bright colors that morphed into a spotlight on a thin worm of a man with spiked hair and shining clothing. He waved with flourish and sat, his thick guards flanking him. The Entertainer Tips screen above Edak flashed on and instantly made its way to 5475. “That isn’t all, for today the arena will be graced by the scion of the shadows , the Reman with a broken world… Cur! ” The crowd shouted and the tips screen above Edak grew to 13,955. Cur spit out the bad taste in his mouth as the door in front of him opened and he stepped into the combat right. The Nausicaan glared at him, then Edak’s tip screen, then back at Cur, and took up a defensive stance.