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Legacy of Romulus – A New Home

Traveled to Dewa III, the first viable solution for a new homeworld for the Romulan Republic. Tried several other systems with either no results at all, or some pirates itching for a fight. They got one. Now they are itching to not be dead. Dewa III has some ambient radiation from an ancient orbital bombardment long before the Vulcan outcasts came and went from the system. Hopefully nothing happened to my viability while scanning an area of the radiation.

Legacy of Romulus – Gasko


Went to Gasko Station to look for Romulans interested in joining together with the Romulan Republic. I met Tobol who said he would be our guide. His visor made me wonder what eye augmentation I could find. Nothing to replace my own eyes, as is probably the case with him, but some sort of optics I could wear would be great.


No one on the station seemed interested in anything other than laying low and taking no action. It’s like they think they can stay put and everything will just turn out fine. Perhaps if peaceful colonies weren’t being wiped off the face of planets, that could be true.

Legacy of Romulus – My Fellow Remans

In an effort to find refugees and warn them, and perhaps gather more forces for the Republic, we took a visit to Crateris. Once a failed Romulan colony, fellow Remans were relocated there, but I had never been, even though it was the new Reman homeworld. Many considered it to be an improvement over Remus from the newsletters and personal postings I have read. That all changed, however.

That's not right.

I was enjoying the cool darkness of the planet, but moments after landing I noticed something wrong. More of the mysterious allies of the Tal Shiar. Their touch is tainting everywhere around me. I was hoping to meet see about some friends who had come to Crateris, but unless great fortune was at the ready, I wouldn’t have any time for personal matters. Not that this wasn’t all personal to begin with.