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Apple Core Hack – Get the most from your fruit

Cutting an apple isn’t all that hard, but changing how you do it just a little bit makes getting the most out of your fruit easier. First, cut it across it’s equator. IMG_20131006_114330 Then take the two halves and cut across along the points of the star. (Did you even know there was a start in there? Not many people do!) IMG_20131006_114350 Continue all around the star until you only have the core left. IMG_20131006_114404 IMG_20131006_114431 Then cut the remaining pieces into whatever sized you want, as they wont be uniform unless you make them so. No more messing with the stem, fidgeting to cut seeds and core off the slices. A slight change can make a huge difference!

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    Thanks for this! Great pictures too that show how it’s done!

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    Actually brilliant.

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