Adventures in Clipping My Hair

Have you ever gone to do one simple thing that wont take long, then add one tiny step, and have that 10 minute task take an hour? That was me last night clipping my hair. As you can see, clipping my hair should take seconds, not minutes, much less an hour. So what happened? I wanted to clean the clippers. I could tell there was an excessive amount of hair in the workings of the clippy parts of the clippers. Everyone knows once hair is removed from the body, it’s instantly kind of gross, so I knew I had to clean it out. On top there are two large and obvious screws that mean ‘yes, please take me apart’. So I did. Taking the clippers apart wasn’t the problem. The big metal piece came right off and fell into the sink with a cacophony of tinging and clanking. I closed the drain in case a screw fell down there (I hear there’s one loose in my head, wouldn’t want to lose it.) The blade part stayed on. I saw there was hair in there, so I started trying to sweep it out with the miniature broom that came with the clippers (the ones that don’t clean it good enough when the clippers are assembled.) That only worked so well, so I took the blade out. I didn’t look too carefully at how it had been in there. Whoops. I did lay the parts out in the order removed though. Daddy didn’t raise no fool. Then using tweezers I pulled out not only some hair, but a gray squishy foam thing that I didn’t even know was in there, because it was covered with hair. How the heck does hair get stuck into foam like that? It’s uncanny. Once I cleaned out most of the hair from inside the clippers and picked out most from the foam, I tried stuffing the foam back in, but I could not seat it right. So I took the rest of the clippers apart. So far, no hairs have been cut. I got it all apart, put the foamy bit back how I think it went. I was a bit worried because the only way that made sense had the spinny part that moved the blade going through a hole in the foam. I wondered if it was supposed to, since the friction could heat up the foam when the blade was moving. The last thing I needed to do to what remains of my hair is to set it on fire. I seemed to be the way it sent, so I left it there. Then I put everything back together. The blade was tricky, since when I turned it on the first time, the big screws weren’t tight, and the big metal piece slipped and ground the blade to a halt. Thankfully it didn’t fly off into my eye. I’d have had trouble seeing to get it back on right. I put it back on, but the blade seemed slow, and when I finally got a few hairs cut, it was obvious it wasn’t right. I took that part apart again. After a few tried, I looked more closely at the blade piece. I thought two tabs had to fit down, but they always popped out. Two metal springs gave tension (which made the big metal piece fall into the sink.) When I examined the blade part closer, I saw two holes. Form follows function, so I put the springs into the little holes and they fit, and I reassembled it, and finally I cut my hair, then took a shower. My whole goal was to clip my hair, take a shower, and get to bed early, but here I sit, writing this post instead of sleeping.

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    Um… wow. lol

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    I’m sorry, you lost me when I began mentally picturing your clippers bursting into flames due to friction–lol. And I’m pretty sure those “two large and obvious screws that mean ‘yes, please take me apart’” really mean “leave me alone if you know what’s good for you 🙂

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