Legacy of Romulus – Devil in the Details

screenshot_2013-08-18-14-11-41   Charva gave us files that indicated D’Tan was treacherous and a true terrorist and enemy of the Romulan people. Also as I mentioned before she had given us files that lead us to believe that Tovan’s sister was being transferred to a penal colony, which prove to be false and a trap. I took the files to my computer and checked the facts. Things didn’t add up. I have a hard time believing Charva is purposely leading us astray. From when I knew her at the Palace of Lush, a name those who were prisoners there found distasteful and inaccurate, Charva did have idealistic tendencies, and would not wish us harm. screenshot_2013-08-18-11-47-06   I took my findings to Tal’Mera on Drozana station. We discussed the details, and have come to the conclusion that Charva was given altered files, probably as a test of her loyalty and to lead us into the hands of the Tal Shiar.  I set up a meeting with Charva under the guise of joining her and intend to guide her into finding the facts herself. screenshot_2013-08-18-11-54-32   Meeting Charva in person again after so long was tense. On one hand it was good to see her. Being freed from imprisonment had treated her well. She seemed stronger and healthier and even happier. Many of those we knew were lost since out escape, on Virinat and in combat against the Tal Shiar, and taken away in raid by the Elachi. It was good to know some are more than just barely surviving. On the other hand, our reunion was steeped in treachery. Our intentions in being there were hidden, even if good intentions. On her side she is believing lies and wants us to join her. I can only hope this all doesn’t end badly. screenshot_2013-08-18-11-56-59   As she looked at the official files Tal Shiar documents, Charva became upset, agitated, and confused. What she had been told didn’t match up with what the records showed. As one would expect, Tal Shiar showed up to arrest us all. Also as one would expect, they died at out feet. Perhaps it was self preservation, or perhaps it was coming belief in our cause and the truth, but Charva’s gun fired alongside ours, despite her accusations against us. She suggested that we altered the Tal Shiar’s files to mislead her. Even after she would have been killed by the Tal Shiar. I fear her pride is getting in the way. She choose a path believing it to be the right choice, and she is ignoring the facts because that would mean she has been wrong this whole time, and not only has been a pawn of the Tal Shiar, but she would have to come to terms that she has likely caused the death of innocent people. I can only hope that in Republic custody she will have time to think and consider, and will come to see the truth.

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