The Remodel

I wrote the following story for one of my Fiverr jobs. I enjoyed writing it and the customer was happy as well. Win win! {:0) —
Professor Armitan looked over the blueprints of the old mansion and scorned the amount of wasted space, especially in the attic. The attic would be perfect for an observatory! he thought. It’s always important to know where the stars before researching the more esoteric topics. Armitan sat on the porch and watched the sun sparkle over Puget Sound while he called Flying Dormer to set up a consultation. Due to the limited space around the mansion caused by trees, the fact that some of the construction would be done off-site would make it a lot easier to manage. At the consultation Armitan explained the windows he’d want in the attic for the observatory, as well as the expansions he wanted for a larger library, and the laboratory for the smaller experiments. Storage for chemicals, essential salts, and various compounds would be required for the latter. Plus plenty of ventilation. The largest part of the project would be the basement. Plenty of room for storing large boxes. The consultant considered the drawings and made several suggestions of ways to improve on the ideas the professor had, for which he was very grateful. He was a professor, not an architect, after all. When construction started, the crew was very professional and answered questions with easy to understand explanations. A few issues arose when they came across unexpected deviations from what was on the blueprints and what was actually in the house, but they easily were able to adjust their plans, and even made some special editions that the Professor wasn’t expecting, but would very much enjoy. Who doesn’t want a secret passage in their mansion? When all the construction was complete, the professor was able to research and experiment in comfort and seclusion, where the eyes of modern science would not pry.

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    Sounds like the perfect for a mad scientist!

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    Thanks for reading!

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