Review – Soulstorm by Chet Williamson

Three men are offered a million bucks each to stay a month sealed in a haunted house. Sounds like all the other haunted house stories, right? In some ways yes, but where it counts, no.
One item that sets Soulstorm apart from books such at Hell House or The Haunting of Hill House is the fact that none of the people staying in the house are psychics or ghost hunters, or anything of that sort. I have actually listened to those two books recently and when I started Soulstorm, I was a bit weary, thinking Soulstorm would be more of the same. Instead, as the characters got introduced, I became interested in them, so my initial apprehension slipped off into the night. Another thing Soulstorm does is start showing you that the house is truly haunted right from the start. I think in this case, that worked well. It doesn’t start off with a lot of things happening, but just enough to set the reader on edge. If you get the audio version of the book, you are in for a treat. The author himself reads the book. I really enjoy it when an author can read their own work and do it well, like Chet does here. He knows exactly what he meant when he wrote it, and can convey it exactly how he wants you to hear it. He also pauses very well at the right moments. It is all pleasant on the ears. If you like stories about haunted houses, then this is one you should read. The characters are interesting, the plot works, and the setting is enough different (at least as far as my reading goes) to keep it interesting.
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