My Baby Has Attack Powers!

For those unaware, my second child Owen (7lb 15oz, 20.5 inches) was born with all the correct amount of bits on Sunday. So far he’s pulled a few good powers out for a level 1 character. So first thing Owen did was a Lifely Power (like a daily, but you can only use it once.) As he came forth from the birth canal, he got an immediate reaction of ‘Amniotic spray’ which is a Close Burst 1. In a fashion true to my own, he rolled low and didn’t beat my reflex score. He did get half damage though and proceeded to roll a 2, just getting a couple drops on my hoodie. No one slipped on the zone of slippery mess he created on the floor, either. Today, he used an at-will power of ‘Pee Everywhere’ which is also an immediate reaction which triggers on ‘If your diaper is being changed.’ It’s a ranged 10 attack vs all creatures in range. Again, he missed me, but did cause 5 Urine Damage to the wall, a couch cushion, two blankets, three pillows, and rolled a crit on my wife’s hot cocoa and tool that right out like it was a minion (made me proud.) I’m going to have to use my Pee Pee TeePee items, made for us by our friend Lindsey. Those can reduce Urine Damage to all allies to 0.

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    Haha, glad those teepees (also called wee-wee wigwams) will be helpful!

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    That’s awesome, J. It’s a good thing your Reflex is so high. You just gotta hope he’s not going to take the feat that lets him re-roll a miss. 🙂

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    Chivalrybean Rofl! Congrats! *Passes the white vinegar*

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