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Maybe your not supposed to cook bacon in a pot …


I cooked some bacon in a pot on medium, with a lid on to prevent spattering. Then I got busy reading g some things, and when I decided to check the bacon, the pan lid was merely containing smoke. I held pot to air vent to let smoke out and FOOM! Flames! I almost poured water in it, but thought better. Grease and all. Instead I had Erin open the flour and I dropped handfuls on it. I should have just put the lid back on.

The smoke was preventing fire until I removed the lid and allowed oxygen to enter.

We do have an extinguisher near the stove, but I didn’t want to use it when the fire seemed completed contained in the pan. I already wasted good bacon, and maybe ruined a pan. Didn’t want to have to buy a new extinguisher too!

At least I learned that the fire alarms won’t wake the kids up.

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    Just wipe the flour off. I’m sure it’s still tasty.

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