Longest Treadmill Run So Far

I walked/jogged on the treadmill for 45 minutes today, 2.78 miles. While I exercised I listened to two episodes of V and A Shipping by JR Murdock. I’ve got one more episode to go. It’s been a fun run so far. My left earbud died. I think all the wear the connector gets in my pocket got exacerbated today by the jogging and the wire must have got damaged. A real bummer because YSDC put another episode of Tatters of the King out, which I’ve been waiting for, but since it is recorded in binaural audio, I can’t listen with just one earpiece. It’s good to run though. I came back to see my wife did indeed do her Wii Fit Plus workout, which she seemed reluctant to do, but I’m glad she did.